Trying to come up with a makeup tutorial for Prom 👸 #harderthanithought #promseason
Anonymous: I know wet n wild is a lower-end line, but I was wondering if you knew of any dupes for 905D Smokin' Hot Pink?

From what I found on google it’s a dupe for Mac Moxie, I don’t know of any particular dupes but I’m sure any drug store should have the same color from other brands.


Anonymous: So for prom I have this dark red dress. I want to do the smoky eye look and everything but what color should my lips be? I don't want to do the whole red lipstick red dress, and I don't seem many of the pinks working for me. Any tips?? Love your blog btw!

I would go with a nude lip, which should be a lipstick around your lip color with a slight pinkish tone since you don’t want to look dead. This will draw more attention to your eyes and dress :) Thank you and I hope you have an amazing prom! xx 

I caved and finally after months of wanting, I got one of the YSL lipstick. I regret nothing! 

Moved all of my individual Bobbi Brown eyeshadows & any loose ones without a case into three 6 pan palettes! I love how easy Bobbi has made it to depot shadows 😃 #yayforlessclutter